Reel Repair by Jim 
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Clean and Lube Pricing

Most spinning and baitcasting reels $25
Conventional star and leverdrag reels $29
Two speed and "International" style reels $40 

*All repairs include clean and lube plus parts. *Parts prices will be quoted before any repairs are done.                        *Shipping costs of parts may be included with repair totals.

                                         all repair costs will be discussed prior to any work being done.

Reels not picked up after 60 days of completed repairs become the property of Reel Repair by Jim and will be sold to recover parts and labor costs.

             Drag upgrades from "Smooth Drag" are available from $9 to $35 
                                          Most are under $20  

ABEC 5 and 7 bearings are available as an upgrade to original equipment bearings. These ceramics can run smoother and in baicasters, cast farther than their metal counterparts.
They are available from $10 to as high as $50 a set, depending on the application.
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